Fees / Business Letter

Strathcona provides outstanding opportunities for girls at all stages of their education, and for boys in the ELC.

2017 Fee Schedule/Business Letter

Year Level Annual Tuition Fee Annual Composite Fee Total Annual Fees* Total Fees per Billing
(Nov, Feb, May, Aug)
ELC ELC 3yo – 2 days 8,440 264 8,704 2,176
ELC 3/4yo – 3 days 11,888 380 12,268 3,067
ELC 4yo – 4 days 13,636 500 14,136 3,534
Pre-Prep – 4 days 15,380 500 15,880 3,970
Pre-Prep – 5 days 19,184 612 19,796 4,949
JUNIOR SCHOOL Prep 16,400 660 17,060 4,265
1 17,148 660 17,808 4,452
2 18,500 660 19,160 4,790
3 19,668 1,132 20,800 5,200
4 20,776 1,380 22,156 5,539
5 21,000 1,660 22,660 5,665
6 21,228 2,408 23,636 5,909
SENIOR SCHOOL 7 25,548 1,872 27,420 6,855
8 25,548 2,400 27,948 6,987
9 27,300 2,640 29,940 7,485
10 27,008 2,252 29,260 7,315
11 27,716 1,260 28,976 7,244
12 27,716 1,100 28,816 7,204
Overseas Full Fee Paying Students (CRICOS NO: 00577C) 35,408


Composite fee as per year level 35,408

PLUS Composite Fee per year level

Billed by semester

Billing Dates:
Fees and charges are invoiced in 4 instalments during November 2016, February, May and August 2017. All invoices are payable in full by the due date specified on the invoice.


Conditions of Enrolment & Payment of Fees: Acceptance of an enrolment is acknowledgement that each signatory on the Enrolment Form is jointly and severally liable to the School for payment of all accounts. This applies even if the accounts are usually paid by one parent or guardian, and regardless of whether the accounts are addressed only to one parent or guardian. A parent or guardian of a child may not delay or refuse to pay an account on the basis that another parent or guardian of the child is responsible for payment of all or part of any account.

Composite Fees: The Composite Fee covers items such as special class materials and licences, excursions, camps, buses, student diary and some software.

Additional Curriculum Charges: Any additional activities or electives voluntarily undertaken will be itemised separately on your invoice, for example: Private Music Tuition, Private Speech and Drama, Rowing, Rhythmic Gym, Aerobics, Kayaking, Compass and Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, and elective subject material.

Sibling Concession: A 10% concession applies to the second member of a family and a 15% concession to subsequent members of a family who are at the School at the one time. It does not apply to the first family member or to students in receipt of any other concession or scholarship. Concessions are applied in year level order with the youngest child receiving the higher discount.

Voluntary Contributions:

School Building and Maintenance Fund: Contributions on a voluntary basis to the Strathcona Building & Maintenance Fund are tax deductible. These contributions assist in the construction and renovation of school buildings and facilities.

Strathcona Family Association (SFA): The SFA runs a number of events for families each year (e.g. Parent Soirée and Year 7 BBQ). They also contribute to purchasing new equipment and educational programs for the students. The SFA contribution is voluntary, but is one of the Association’s main sources of funding.

Leave of Absence: Where leave is granted for student absence of varying periods and a place is reserved for return, a non-refundable holding fee of one third of the tuition fee applicable for that period of absence is payable in advance.

Notice of Withdrawal: Parents must provide one term’s notice, wholly within the one term, in writing to the Principal of their intention to withdraw a student from the School. For example, for the withdrawal of a student at the end of Term 4, notice must be given to the Principal before the end of Term 3. Failure to provide such notice will result in a term’s fees in lieu of notice being payable immediately.

Unpaid Fees: A student may not be permitted to commence a new term at Strathcona whilst fees remain unpaid.


Applications: Applications are made on the official ‘Application for Enrolment Form’ [ELC | Prep – Year 12]. Acceptance of Enrolment is confirmed by payment of the Enrolment Administration Fees below for Years Prep – Year 12 and Overseas full-fee paying students.

Accepted Enrolments: A Notice of Enrolment is forwarded to the parent when a place has been allotted. The Terms & Conditions of such acceptance are set out here.

Enrolment Administration Fees

Early Learning Centre (ELC): A non-refundable fee of $50 is payable to the School upon application.

Prep to Year 12: A non-refundable fee of $150 is payable to the School upon application.

Overseas Full-Fee Paying Students: A non-refundable fee of $175 is payable to the School upon application.


ELC Holding Fee: A fee of $800 is required to confirm your place at each year level of the ELC. For example, this holding fee is payable on entry into the three year old program, and on progression to the four year old program. Once the student has commenced, this holding fee will be credited to your February fee account.

The ELC holding fee will be refunded if notice of cancellation is given in writing by 31 August of the year prior to commencement at the School.

Prep to Y12 Capital Levy

Prep to Year 10 – $1000

Year 11 & 12 & Overseas full-fee paying students – $500

The Capital Levy will be refunded if notice of cancellation is given in writing by 1 February of the year prior to commencement at the School.

Old Strathconians’ Association: A compulsory fee of $200 for your daughter’s life membership of the Old Strathconians’ Association will be included in your February account. The one-off fee allows the OSA to undertake a range of activities that support the Strathcona community such as supporting reunions, networking breakfasts, art shows, contributing to the Strathcourier and other school activities.

Waiting List: If a place is not immediately allotted, the parent will be advised that the applicant’s name has been placed on the Waiting List.


Strathcona accepts payments by cheque, BPAY, cash, Visa and Master cards. Amex cards are also accepted but will incur a 1% surcharge to cover the additional costs charged by Amex.

Early Payment of Fees: The School offers a discount of 1.5%, on tuition fees only, to parents who pay the full 2017 year’s fees in advance by 30th November. Interested parents should contact the Business Office for details.

Payment by 10 monthly instalments: To assist families in planning their payment of fees, Strathcona continues to offer parents the option to pay the current year’s Tuition and Composite Fee and specified extras in 10 monthly instalments from November 2016 through to August 2017 via a direct debit from your bank account or credit card. Interested parents should contact the Business Office for details.