Pastoral Care

Success in life comes not only from having the confidence to achieve academically and strive for your dreams. It comes from emotional intelligence too: facing life’s challenges with resilience, seizing opportunities with confidence, and always acting with compassion for others.

At Strathcona, girls develop the intrinsic motivation and ‘know how’ to be resourceful and resilient in a complex and dynamic world. Through action and reflection the ‘spirited self-agent’ will be optimistic and purposeful in learning, thoughtful in decision-making, modest in success and robust in adversity.

What is Pastoral Care at Strathcona?

Pastoral Care at Strathcona is designed to develop a robust sense of self, and encourage girls to ‘have a go’, be a productive part of a team, and show strong leadership. Ultimately, it is about valuing and respecting each student, nurturing her confidence and giving her a strong sense of belonging. With our range of cross-age programs, Strathcona is an extension of the home environment. Girls are given exciting choices, encouraged to take on challenges and are provided with a support network to ensure that any concerns that they may have are resolved quickly. Such care gives them every chance of success both personally and academically.

Pastoral Care for the Individual

Throughout her school years, each student at Strathcona is mentored to assess her specific needs. Charting the progress of the girls is more than a means of monitoring academic development; it’s our way of ensuring that the personality of each girl comes to the fore. To achieve this, we rely on a talented team led by the Dean of Students, our Counsellor and our Chaplain, who provide counselling when needed and are constantly in touch with the ebb and flow of school life to follow student development.