House System

At Strathcona, team spirit and competition thrives within our House System, comprised of Arnold House, Grenfell House, Gilbert House and Findlay House. Girls embrace their House colours and delight in friendly rivalry at the many festivals and competitions throughout the year.

Strathcona students benefit widely from interacting with girls in other year levels. Leadership, learning, encouragement, inspiration and new friendships are just some of the benefits of regular House activities.

Strathcona’s Four Houses

All students belong to a School House:
Arnold – Blue
Findlay – Green
Gilbert – Gold
Grenfell – Red

Arnold and Gilbert Houses are named after the two women who were the first Australian Baptist overseas missionaries. Findlay House is named after a former teacher at Strathcona, also a missionary. Grenfell House commemorates the life of Sir Wilfred Grenfell, a medical missionary to the coasts of Labrador, whose hospital ship was named ‘STRATHCONA’.

House Festivals & Competitions

Throughout the year students embrace the numerous House events. These include:

  • Debating Competition
  • Performing Arts Festival
  • Athletics Carnival
  • Cross-country Carnival
  • Swimming Carnival
  • Fundraising activities