Global Links: Tours & Exchanges

Global awareness is critical for students today. In order to successfully navigate an increasingly globalised society, young people must be able to make positive connections, empathise and understand a range of cultural imperatives.

At Strathcona, our program of tours and exchanges encourage students to respect difference, value sustainability, think beyond the classroom and share ideas with people throughout Australia and the world.

Each year we offer a variety of tours and exchanges (some reciprocal) for students and their families. All tours and exchanges have specific learning intentions and offer students the chance to take on new challenges and broaden their perspectives.

Tours and Exchanges

Year 8

  • Rockhampton Girls Grammar School, Qld – Exchange
  • Columba College, Dunedin, New Zealand – Reciprocal Exchange

Year 9

  • Cultural Tour of Japan with one night’s homestay with a student from our sister school, Soshin Girls School.
  • Opportunity to host a Soshin Girls School student.

Years 10 & 11

In Years 10 and 11 the following tours are available:

  • Italy
  • France
  • Tanzania Service Tour – School of St Jude
  • China – Reciprocal Tour
  • Kakadu/Central Australia
  • Immersion Chinese Exchange (for students studying Chinese only)
  • Cambridge Scholars Program – Study Tour
  • Global Young Leaders Conference – Study Tour

Tours for all Senior Year Levels (Y7-12)

  • Alliance of Girls Schools Space Tour – Study Tour

Outside Tour Providers

Each year a number of students take part in overseas experiences facilitated by outside tour providers. Stays of up to two months in France are popular for immersion language learning (French).