Cross-age Programs

Our Cross-age Programs allow older girls to spend valuable time with younger students. Our girls learn and develop through the connections they forge with each other.

Year 6s meet Year 12s

We want our girls to feel safe and valued during their school years. There are many opportunities for Strathcona students to gain this feeling through interacting with and relying on each other.

Our girls don’t just talk to each other – they help each other. By participating in programs designed to bring older and younger girls together, our students are able to gain confidence and a sense of security throughout their entire school experience. They also learn communication and personal skills that will equip them for life. The relationships which form help our girls to find their own place within the Strathcona School community.

Junior School (Mellor House)

In Mellor House, we believe that the more connections you have with others at school, the more confidently you will approach your schooling. Our children develop a network of connections with older and younger students. A program of formal and informal opportunities is provided for children to work, play and get to know each other.

Senior School

Peer Support Program & Big Sister/Little Sister Program

Year 11 students, through the Big Sister/Little Sister program, share art and craft activities with Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 girls.

Big Sister, Little Sister Program

Our Peer Support Program has an important role to play in assisting Year 7 girls in the transition to Senior School. The emphasis here is on personal development, with Year 7 girls paired with Year 11 students from the same House.

Older students undertake specialist leadership training to maximise the benefits of the Big Sister/Little Sister and Peer Support Programs. The programs are based on the belief that students of different ages learn about themselves by working together in a caring and supportive environment.