Friends of Kayaking

The Kayak Team is based out of the Tay Creggan campus on the Yarra River, allowing beginners to come and try paddling throughout the year and club members to commit to weekly training.

Students from Years 7 – 12 participate in training sessions, fun days, camps and competitions throughout the year. Strathcona has various boat styles that cater for different abilities, with the TK2 (marathon doubles / paddling pairs) the primary style used for racing. The team is affiliated with the Fairfield Canoe Club, which provides instructors, short courses and access to the club outside of school hours.

A supportive group of students and parents assists in fundraising and community awareness of the club, which is steadily growing.

For those interested in trying kayaking, joining the team or supporting as a parent, please contact teacher and coordinator Liesl Woods.

Ben Ward Memorial Race, 2014.