Friends of Strathcona

Parent-driven Friends of Strathcona groups organise events and raise funds for students taking part in various activities. In joining the groups, parents experience a sense of satisfaction in supporting their daughter’s pursuits and meet other families who share similar interests and passions.

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Friends of Rowing

Strathcona is indeed fortunate to have its own jetty, storage facilities at Tay Creggan and a range of equipment which allowed us to enter 14 … more

Friends of Music

The Friends of Music group encourages and supports the music program at Strathcona. We are a friendly group, most of whom have daughters involved in … more

Friends of Snowsports

Strathcona offers Snowsports as a winter sport and we welcome all girls (Prep-Year 12) to join the Snowsports Team. Participation is available at all ability … more

Friends of Aerobics

Strathcona students enthusiastically participate in training sessions with their Aerobics coach working on perfecting their routines and exercising to the latest soundtracks. It is an … more

Friends of Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic Gymnastics is a beautiful and elegant sport that combines dance and gymnastics. Rhythmic Gymnastics enhances students’ posture, musicality, flexibility and team spirit. Students learn … more