Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education at Strathcona is a series of journey-based, experiential learning opportunities sequenced from Prep to Year 10. Our outdoor educational programs support a growth mindset, engage leadership and problem solving skills, foster new friendships and promote mindfulness.

Year Level Outdoor Education Programs

Year level programs are designed to complement the academic program, providing diversity in student learning and building on students’ skills year on year.

Junior School Camps and Programs

Prep – In school programming

Year 1 – In school programs with Late Night at School

Year 2 – In school programs with Overnight at School (1 night)

Year 3 – Anglesea Coastal Adventure (2 days)

Year 4 – Anglesea Coastal Adventure (3 days)

Year 5 – Sovereign Hill (3 days) + Camp Marysville/Lake Mountain (3 days)

Year 6 – Canberra (4 days) + Camp Marysville/Lake Mountain (3 days)

Senior School Camps and Journeys

Strathcona has engaged The Outdoor Education Group to offer the following experiences for years 7 to 10:

Year 7 – Golden Valleys Lodge, Mornington Peninsula (4 days)

Year 8 – Camp Jungai, Rubicon Valley (5 days)

Year 9 – Camp to Campus, Yarra River Journey (7 days)

Year 10 – Expedition Options (5-7 days):

  • Falls Creek/Bogong High Plains Ski Tour
  • Tassie Freycinet Adventure
  • Murray River Canoe Trip
  • Northeast Cycle Tour

Compass and Duke of Edinburgh Awards

The Compass (Years 5 to 8) and Duke of Edinburgh Awards (Years 9 to 12) provide students with a range of challenging, non-competitive, voluntary activities encouraging personal growth, enterprise and a broad range of life skills.

Throughout these awards, students learn how to create meaningful goals, connect with local communities, and conduct their own expeditions. These programs are made possible through use of the School’s extensive facilities reaching across three campuses, and external sporting venues.