2016 VCE Results

Confidence and courage. These are the attributes that make Strathcona girls such high achievers. We’re proud of their achievements. We’re even more proud of who they are.

Strathcona girls aren’t afraid of a challenge. In fact, they enjoy the chance to test their skills and prove their capabilities. We encourage our girls to extend themselves in a range of areas from the artistic to the sporting to the academic. It’s just the beginning of a lifetime of achievement.

We are proud of our student achievements across all year levels.

2016 VCE Results

Strathcona is proud to congratulate our Unit 3/4 students on their exceptional achievements this year. Fifty-one girls – 55% of the cohort – achieved an ATAR of 90 and above.

The girls have worked with focus and dedication and there have been many rewards for their hard work and commitment.

Top 1% of the State

Eight girls (9% of the cohort) placed in the top 1% with ATARS of 99 and above, including:

  • Strathcona Dux, Aixi (Elizabeth) Li: 99.55
  • Olivia Lucarelli: 99.45
  • Briana Papparlado: 99.40
  • Yunfei (Effie) Zhang: 99.40
  • Annabel Marks: 99.15
  • Zoe Tilley: 99.10
  • Kiren Sandhu: 99.10
  • Alex Linehan: 99.10

Key Results

  • 9% placed in the top 1% with ATARS of 99 and above
  • 27 % (25 girls) achieved an ATAR of 95 and above, i.e. in the top 5%
  • 55 % (51 girls) achieved an ATAR of 90 and above, e. in the top 10 %
  • The median Study Score was 36
  • 26 % of scores were 40 and above
  • 40.7% of the English cohort (35 out of 86 girls) achieved a study score of 40 and over for English

Five Perfect Scores of 50 were achieved:

  • Bronte Hough (English)
  • Olivia Lucarelli (English)
  • Hannah Murphy (English)
  • Kiren Sandhu (English)
  • Zoe Tilley (Drama)

University Scholarships

Congratulations to those girls offered Academic University Scholarships and early entry, including:

  • Eleanor Forwood, Monash University, Women in Engineering Scholarship
  • Zoe Tilley, Deakin University, Vice Chancellor’s Academic Scholarship
  • Eliza Sammells, ACU, Early Achievers Program (EAP)

2016 Year 12 Offers

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