Principal’s Welcome

Few decisions as a parent hold the same significance as choosing the right School for your daughter.

When it comes to making this decision, you want the very best for your daughter and, indeed, your family.

You want your daughter to be challenged academically in a happy, safe and nurturing environment by committed educators who are experts in the learning and development of girls.

You want her to have a wide array of opportunity, to develop the capacity to work well with others and to have confidence in herself and her learning.

You want her to be the best that she can be so that she is intellectually, socially, emotionally and spiritually prepared for the world beyond School.

Fortiter, Fideliter, Feliciter: Bravely, Faithfully, Happily. The words of our motto define both Strathcona, and the girls and young women who become part of the School community. ‘To bring out her best’ has underpinned Strathcona’s approach to education since we opened our doors over 90 years ago. Our enduring commitment and capacity to educate each student is facilitated by an understanding that girls flourish in an encouraging, supportive and personally tailored environment.

The Strathcona environment facilitates the pursuit of academic excellence, co-curricular success, leadership development and the community and social engagement that each girl chooses to pursue. Our aim is to afford girls the opportunity to try various activities so that each individual is able to recognise and develop her own interests and unique attributes.

The School’s teaching and learning facilities have expanded significantly in recent years. Our goal is to forge innovative 21st century educational practice whilst remaining committed to proven traditional teaching. We seek to instil a love of learning in our girls and to encourage them to be agile and discerning thinkers, with the resilience and perseverance to problem solve and adapt to new challenges both within and beyond the School’s gates.

Strathcona is a vibrant and happy community. We have a genuine belief in the power of partnership between the School and parents to bring out the very best in each of our girls and the School as a whole.

I invite you to walk through our campuses to experience the tangible, warm sense of belonging and community. At Strathcona your girls can feel happy and safe in an intimate, family-orientated environment. It is the place for your daughter to gain the confidence and self-belief she needs to explore her world bravely, faithfully and happily.

Marise McConaghy