A Global Summer Holiday

by Karyn Murray, Global Learning Coordinator

Whilst most of us headed off over the Christmas break to a beachside location, or possibly to experience a white Christmas, three groups of intrepid Strathcona girls headed across the world spending time back in the classroom to further their learning beyond the Strathy gates.

Four current Year 12 girls, Tayla, Rebecca, Annabel and Nicola spent three weeks in the Boarding House at WuXi No 1 Girls School practicing their Chinese and continuing their love of Chinese culture and traditions. Chinese teacher Ms Peixia Mo is keen to further opportunities for all senior girls learning Chinese to spend time immersed in the culture and language. The girls attended school for the entire three weeks alongside their friends from WuXi. They have returned even more passionate about their language studies and looking further afield to careers where they can utilise their skill.

In Europe, three current Year 11 girls Cate, Maddie and Cat headed off to Lyon, France on a six week reciprocal exchange, spending four weeks studying at school in France and two weeks holidaying over Christmas with their French host family. All three girls had an outstanding white Christmas and returned filled amazing stories from their time at school abroad. Not only have the girls expressed how well they were looked after and how much their French improved, but also how they have become so much more independent and resilient.

Finally, current Year 8 Kaitlyn, and current Year 10s Tamsyn and Amanda, alongside Science teacher Rebecca Kerr headed to the Alliance of Girls Schools Space/Science tour of the USA. Staying for five days in Huntsville Alabama at Space Camp and then continuing on to Houston, Texas, the girls and Ms Kerr were fully immersed in all facets of Science – Space, Forensic, Cell Biology and many more. The two week tour exceeded expectations with girls mixing with students from 12 Girls’ Schools across Australia and hearing from pre-eminent Scientists and researchers.

We’re looking forward to another busy year of trips and tours at Strathcona in 2017!

Strathcona at Space Camp USA 2016 from Strathcona Girls Grammar School on Vimeo.